100% Uptime

Our server stays online, all the time so you can get on and get off whenever you please.

Good-ol' Factions

We use the factions plugin made by MassiveCraft so our server will feel just like any other factions server.


Crystal-clear voice chat provided by Discord. Sign up at discordapp.com to join the official Discord voice server for the Get Blocked Network TODAY!

Custom Biomes

So you won't get bored of the same old Minecraft worlds and instead have new lands to explore with more to come!


Our shop is powered by Buycraft and it allows us a variety of ranks to give you as well as stackable purchases so you don't have to pay what you already paid.

Friendly Staff

Our staff is always happy to help you whenever you need, but unfortunately due to the size of our server you will still need to be patient and wait for a reply.

Original design by Jack